If you are ever in a jam when going into an interview, follow these few tips to help you:

  1. Always have eye contact with the interviewer.

  2. Copy the body language of the interviewer.

  3. Dress for the image you want to show about yourself. Wear gray to show you're logical, White to show you're organized, red to show you want power, and green, yellow, and purple to show creativity. For more information, click here.

  4. If asked about your weakness, be completely honest.

  5. Find something that both you and your interviewer have in common.

  6. If you anyone on the inside, ask for tips or a consideration.

  7. Don't be monotone, speak with expression.

  8. Compliment both the interviewer and the company, without seeming like a kiss-up.

  9. If you know other strong candidates, don't schedule your interview as the same day as theirs. This will make you seem less of a better choice than them.

  10. Present yourself with good posture.

  11. If your interviewer is under 30, bring a visual and show how you can multitask. If the interviewer is 30-50 years, emphasize how creative you are and how work goes with your success in life. interviewers 50-70, show how hard you work and show respect for their accomplishments. Interviewers 70-90, talk about loyalty and previous jobs.

  12. Don't keep your hand as fists, keep them open or at a steeple position on the table.

  13. If are given the ability to choose the time of your interview, make it at around 10:30 am on a Tuesday. This is the best time when your interview is relaxed.

  14. Be friendly, but at the same time, be assertive to what you want.