The most important milestone of a career journey is the interview, and it goes without saying that preparing for the interview is the most important step in getting your dream job.

Preparing for a interview, be it your first or even tenth one, requires four steps:


Researching the employer and the company allows you to get a more focused view on employment process of the company. In this stage, you will find out how the employment process works out, how work life functions, work environment, and insider information.


Writing comes down to gathering all the information you collected in the research step and laying it all in front of you. In this step, you will figure out what you must stay during the interview.


Planning is the most important steps out of all four mentioned. In this stage, you plan any visual aids you might use, what you are going to wear, how you will, how you will speak, and everything surronding that.


Practicing encompases both the research and writing steps. In Practice, you practice how you speak, they way you respond, the way you in visual aids, etc. Because this is the most important step, it must be treated with seriousness and accuracy.