When It comes to getting a job, there are always Do's and Dont's.


  1. Do Have A Online Presence Having an online presence shows what type of person you are, while also showing how well you are at socializing and making contacts.

  2. Do Prepare A Resume Specific For The Job You Want Having a resume that is specific to the job you want will highlight the important things you have done in the past, while discarding any information that is not important or that will harm your chances.

  3. Do Prepare long And Hard For The Interview Preparing for the interview will help know what to say and how to say it. It will also get you comfortable on the topics you will be discussing.

  4. Do Send A Thank You Note Taking the time to write a thank you note to those who interviewed you and took the time to see you is a major move. This shows that you are both respectful to those people, and that you are thankful to them. It displays maturity, and could possibly help you get a job in that company in the future.


  1. Don't Post Inappropriate Things On Social Media Posting inappropriate pictures, posts, or status not only makes you seem like a childish person, but weakens your chance in getting that job.

  2. Don't Be Late To The Interview This may seem like a given, but a large number of people get to the interview late. By getting to the interview late, you portray yourself to the employers as someone who does not take the company, or the position, seriously.

  3. Don't Improvise During The Interview Improvising will only make you nervous and make you forget any and all important details. Improvising will ruin your chances of getting that job, so prepare!